the original sanitary cutlery dispensing system

Go green with Kleenpak

• reduce waste

• improve hygiene

• choose biodegradable

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We solve the problem faced by eateries everywhere
Hygenic flatware delivery to consumers used to require pre-wrapped cutlery, which came with extra waste, cost, and mess. The alternative was perhaps worse: bins of cutlery open to contamination by dirty hands. In the year 2000, Kleenpak pioneered the market with its cutlery dispenser, solving the flatware delivery problem with simple, unique, and reliable techology. With the easy touch of a lever, consumers dispense a single utensil from the sanitary stack. There is no bin or tray to contaminate the cutlery or collect mess. The system uses refillable, dishwasher-safe cartridges that are simple to load with new flatware. Cartridges can be filled with our biodegradable (compostable) or polystyrene flatware. Save counter space by using our carousel, wall-mount, or Stakpak models. Ordering is easy -- contact your local distributor, or contact us for more information.